age author description
2009-06-25 igor minifixdefault tip
2009-06-25 igor minor fixes for usage with xen 3.4 (HVM)
2009-03-19 igor Minor fixes. Hvmlaoder now can be specified by its path in the netowrk config file.
2008-10-14 Igor Chubin fix
2008-10-14 Igor Chubin paramater change: additional_debian_releases
2008-10-14 Igor Chubin additional_debian_releases
2008-10-10 root minifix
2008-10-10 root minifixes: LANG=C apt-get, show_usage, rsync comment
2008-10-10 root cleaning up
2008-10-10 root transition to xen 3.2.1
2008-10-10 root minifix
2008-10-10 root minifix
2008-10-01 igor Added tag v0.1 for changeset ff5eebae3437f6f0253c5f2e1f0a34a32e0c7001
2008-09-30 igor minifixv0.1
2008-09-30 igor minifix
2008-09-29 igor minifix
2008-09-29 igor nifix
2008-09-25 igor double xen-drbd pass
2008-09-23 igor minifix
2008-09-23 igor Install packages into domains (apt_get_install_table)
2008-09-22 igor minifix
2008-09-22 igor bootloader arg in dump
2008-09-22 igor path to network file
2008-09-22 igor path to network file
2008-09-18 igor Now you can use 'domain' variable inside netowrk topology file
2008-09-15 igor 1. --network (-n) option; topology name is not hardcoded since present
2008-08-30 igor Virtual disk name can be secified after = sign (e.g.: drbd1=sda1:dns:2G )
2008-08-18 igor .py eliminated in script calling
2008-08-18 igor .py eliminated during script call
2008-08-18 igor fill only linux domains; skip all other
2008-08-18 igor hvm disk parameter fixed
2008-08-14 igor Добавлена поддержка HVM-доменов; параметры migrate-all-out и migrate-all-in заменены, соответственно, на migrate-out-all и migrate-in-all
2008-06-29 igor stripped .py suffixes in file names
2008-02-20 igor mini-fix
2008-02-20 igor migrate-and-start-my-domains and migrate-and-start-all
2008-02-20 igor retrying drbd release
2008-02-19 igor fixes + debug
2008-02-19 igor exec insted of print
2008-02-19 igor print instead of exec
2008-02-19 igor automatic hostname in topology
2008-02-17 igor ip netmask
2008-02-17 igor trunk down before making bridge
2008-02-17 igor add /etc/xen to module path
2008-02-17 igor installation pathes and defaults
2008-02-17 igor kernel and initrd name for od
2008-02-12 igor debootstrap fix
2008-02-12 igor micro fix
2008-02-12 igor l3rc switched off
2008-02-12 igor authorized_keys to eb
2008-02-12 igor yes to drbdadm
2008-02-12 igor lv sizes fix
2008-02-12 igor show usage fixed
2008-02-12 igor show usage fixed
2008-02-12 igor Доработана инсталляции системы виртуализации
2008-02-11 igor Odessa virtual host config
2008-02-11 eb *** empty log message ***
2007-11-12 igor ebian-to-hd: install from cd
2007-10-05 eb *** empty log message ***
2007-09-28 igor + xen-drbd fix
2007-09-28 igor + eb.py