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We recently developed XenLoop -- a transparent inter-VM                                                                                                     
network loopback mechanism. XenLoop allows unmodified                                                                                                       
network applications to bypass the standard                                                                                                                 
network data path via Dom0 when talking with                                                                                                                
other guest VMs on the same machine.                                                                                                                        
We'd very much like to hear usage feedback and                                                                                                              
suggestions from others interested in this work.                                                                                                            
XenLoop code and documentation is available here:                                                                                                           
XenLoop differs from earlier approaches (such as                                                                                                            
XenSockets, IVC, and XWay) as follows:                                                                                                                      
- No changes, such as recompiling or relinking,                                                                                                             
  are needed to the user applications or libraries.                                                                                                         
- XenLoop doesn't modify any part of the core kernel code                                                                                                   
- XenLoop transparently adapts to migration without                                                                                                         
  disrupting any ongoing network communication and                                                                                                          
  without user or application intervention.                                                                                                                 
- Being implemented between the network and data-link                                                                                                       
  layers (using netfilter hook), XenLoop can currently                                                                                                      
  handle all IPv4 traffic, and likely others in near future.                                                                                                
- On the flip side, XenLoop presently incurs the TCP/IP                                                                                                     
  protocol processing cost in each guest, which other                                                                                                       
  approaches can avoid to obtain higher throughput                                                                                                          
  while trading off some application-level or kernel-level                                                                                                  
We still observe quite a decent improvement in                                                                                                              
inter-VM communication performance on dual-core                                                                                                             
machines when compared to the Dom0 data path -- up to                                                                                                       
5X reduction in RTT and up to 6X increase in throughput.                                                                                                    
We've tested XenLoop on Xen 3.1 and Linux 2.6.18.                                                                                                           
Next steps are to try it on Xen 3.2 and to possibly                                                                                                         
move traffic interception higher up the protocol stack. 

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