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2012-09-23 Igor Chubin added -C key: compress to lines; fixed bug with #90-linedefault tip
2012-03-27 Igor Chubin -w for web support (alpha)
2011-11-12 Igor Chubin vocabulary filename option
2011-11-04 Igor Chubin minifix
2011-11-03 Igor Chubin can be used without wrapper; several features are not still implemented
2011-11-01 Igor Chubin is almost ready
2011-10-31 Igor Chubin -p key support in
2011-05-01 Igor Chubin minifix: spanish + italian
2011-03-25 Igor Chubin filtering by wordlist
2011-02-09 Igor Chubin experimental: when -c specified, use dictionary for compression
2011-02-08 Igor Chubin new feature: -r and -R can specify number of words (or percentage) to show
2011-02-07 Igor Chubin compressed wordlist support
2011-02-04 Igor Chubin turn words filtering and grouping on and off
2011-01-28 Igor Chubin -2 and -3 are now supported by
2011-01-28 Igor Chubin -s key support in
2011-01-24 Igor Chubin minifix: psyco activated if installed
2011-01-23 Igor Chubin minifix: skip numbers as words
2011-01-23 Igor Chubin Functions for adding/removing notes + statistics now implemented in Python.
2011-01-23 Igor Chubin add_notes (add_marks) + remove_notes (remove_marks) implemented in python
2011-01-22 Igor Chubin Transition to Python started
2011-01-21 igor started