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[править] TS Session Broker

Terminal Services Session Broker (TS Session Broker) - это роль терминального сервера, который занимается распределением ресурсов между терминальными серверами фермы. Кроме этого, TS Session Broker обеспечивает возможность переподключения пользователей к существующим сессиям на терминальных серверах фермы благодаря тому, что для каждой терминальной сессии запоминаются ID сессии, асоциированное с этой сессией имя пользователя и имя терминального сервера в ферме.

Фазы внедрения TS Server Broker:

  • Установка роли TS Server Broker на сервере, предназначенном для урпавления подключеними клиентов к терминальным серверам фермы.
  • Создание группы Session Directory Compuers local group на TS Session Broker сервере (если этот сервер находится в домене, то эта группа будет автоматичести создана), и добавление в эту группу серверов терминального доступа в ферме.
  • С помощью GPMC или консоли Terminal Services Configuration отредактировать настройки TS Session Broker сервера.
  • Настроить DNS. Для этого необходимо создать записи в зоне типа А, которые будут связывать имя фермы и IP-адреса терминальных серверов фермы. Например:
TSFarm A
TSFarm A
TSFarm A


[править] Terminal Services Licensing (TS Licensing)

The Windows Server® 2008 operating system provides a license management system for Terminal Services known as Terminal Services Licensing (TS Licensing). This system allows terminal servers to obtain and manage Terminal Services client access licenses (TS CALs) for devices and users that are connecting to a terminal server. TS Licensing supports terminal servers that run Windows Server 2008 as well as terminal servers running Windows Server® 2003 or Windows® 2000 Server.


[править] Configuring Network Load Balancing with Terminal Services

Using NLB with Terminal Services offers the benefits of increased availability, scalability, and load-balancing performance, as well as the ability to distribute a large number of Terminal Services clients over a group of terminal servers.


[править] RDP Auto logon

Using RDP Auto logon you can script remote terminal connections using native Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection utility.

RDP Auto logon [4]

[править] Terminal Services Printing

Terminal Services printing has been enhanced in Windows Server® 2008 by the addition of the Terminal Services Easy Print printer driver and a Group Policy setting that enables you to redirect only the default client printer.

The Terminal Services Easy Print driver is a feature in Windows Server 2008 that enables users to reliably print from a Terminal Services RemoteApp™ program or from a terminal server desktop session to the correct printer on their client computer. It also enables users to have a much more consistent printing experience between local and remote sessions. [5]

[править] Формат .rdp файла

Parameter ValueNotes
alternate shell s c:\winnt\system32\notepad.exe  Sets the shell to be used within the Terminal Services session. This can be used to set an alternate shell such as progman.exe; you can also use it to set the application which the user runs on logon to the Terminal Server.
audiomode i 2 Known values:
0 - Bring to this computer
1 - Leave at remote computer
2 - Do not play
auto connect i 0 0 or 1
autoreconnection enabled i 1 Set to 1 to connect automatically when file is opened.
bitmapcachepersistenable i 1 ? 1 maintains bitmap cache between sessions
compression i 1 ? 1 means use extra compressions
connect to consolei10 - connect to a virtual session
1 - connect to the console session
desktopheight i 768 height of session desktop in pixels
desktopwidth i   width of session desktop in pixels
disable cursor setting i 0 ?
disable full window drag i 1 set to 1, disables display of window contents while dragging in session
disable menu anims i 1 set to 1, disables menu animations in session
disable themes i 1 set to 1, disables use of themes in session
disable wallpaper i 1 set to 1, disables display of wallpaper in session
displayconnectionbar i 1 Set to 1, displays the connection bar in a fullscreen session
domain s HQ domain name to use for logon
full address s IP address/name of server (and optional alternate port)
keyboardhook i 2 For applying standard Windows key combinations
0 - On the local computer
1 - On the remote computer
2 - In fullscreen mode only
maximizeshell i 0 set to 1, maximizes any alternate shell used in the session
password 51 b  (big long binary hash) Ifyou choose to save the connection password, this will be a large binary hash value
redirectcomports i 1 set to 1, redirects client COM ports in session (XP/.NET only)
redirectdrives i 1 set to 1, redirects client drives in session (XP/.NET only)
redirectprinters i 1 set to 1, redirects client printers in session
redirectsmartcards i 1 set to 1, redirects client smart cards in session (XP/.NET only)
screen mode id i 1 FullScreen vs. normal
0 - ?
1 - windowed
2 - fullscreen
server porti3389You can specify the port separately from the "full address" parameter.  Thanks to James from acmewidgets.com for finding this out!
session bpp i 16 bit depth for session - 8, 16, or 24. Only 8 is valid for Windows 2000 Terminal Servers
shell working directory s c:\program files\microsoft office Working directory if an alternate shell was specified.
smart sizing i   Scale the client window display of desktop when resizing
0 or not present - Do not scale
1 - Scale (Takes extra resources to scale)
username s administrator name of user logging on
winposstrs0,1,0,249,808,876 ? Not sure about the details on this one.  There are always 6 comma-separated values.  I would guess that these are presets for position and "window mode" sizes - maximized versus sized.

http://dev.remotenetworktechnology.com/ts/rdpfile.htm http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=885187

[править] Альтернативы

seamless rdp [6]

[править] Дополнительная информация



Сомманд лист http://technet2.microsoft.com/windowsserver2008/en/library/2f371848-5c48-470c-908c-afbc95d3a8051033.mspx?mfr=true

  • Devices

Redirection of Plug and Play devices is available only in Windows Vista Enterprise and Windows Vista Ultimate when connecting to a remote computer running Windows Vista.

rdp6.0 and device redirection

After authoring your device driver in accordance with these guidelines, you need to modify your device driver INF so that the device is made available for redirection over RDP. This paper summarizes the changes required to the device driver INF

Terminal Services Team Blog

  • Audio

Feature Request: Two-way RDP Audio Transport

Dear Team,

Happy to see a such a great blog for Terminal Server Plug and Play Device Redirection.Hope this is the right place to put my queries.

I have come with a audio driver that takes the input from a terminal client(running XP/rdesktop-Linux)and feeds any application that needs the microphone.The driver is absolutely sitting on the server.I have installed the driver under sound,video and game controllers.. as we see terminal session will not allow any audio driver other than Microsoft RDP Audio Driver,I am not able to see my driver in the list.I have no idea how to proceed any further. Hope this blog can enlighten me to move further.

re: Terminal Server Plug and Play Device Redirection Framework in Vista and Longhorn: Part 3

Bidirectional audio is not currently supported. Tuesday, January 02, 2007 9:52 AM by Patrick Rouse

re: Terminal Server Plug and Play Device Redirection Framework in Vista and Longhorn: Part 3

Hello, there is a solution to record sound from terminal server over RDP, the solution is called Galeon, is from colombia so is in spanish ... they have a virtual sound card that export the microhpone interface and connect it to the client, so in the client you talk with your mic and the application in the terminal server receive the buffer as a real microphone ...

The page is: [7]


  • Changes to Remote Administration in Windows Server 2008

Terminal Services Team Blog

  • youtube


  • microsoft.com

Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client 6.0)

Technical Overview of Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services

Terminal Services Core Functionality

  • Group Policy

How can I install the Remote Desktop Connection 5.2 client by use of GPO (Group Policy Objects)?

  • Security

Securing RDP/Terminal Services Communications

  • Remote Desktop Web Connection

How can I install Remote Desktop Web Connection on Windows Server 2003?

  • WMI

How to add a user to Terminal Services RDP permissions by using WMI

[править] HP

[править] Altiris

Благодарим вас за приобретение тонкого клиента HP Compaq t5000. Вместе с приобретенным оборудованием тонкого клиента вы бесплатно получаете текущий выпуск решения Altiris Deployment Solution, передового средства для быстрого развертывания и непрерывного управления тонкими клиентами в организации. Решение Altiris Deployment Solution позволяет развертывать новые образы, созданные вами или предоставленные компанией HP, обновлять драйверы и управлять несколькими устройствами одновременно. Для получения дополнительных сведений о решении Altiris Deployment Solution посетите веб-сайт [8] Чтобы начать управление тонким клиентом, необходимо выполнить следующие действия:

 1. Зарегистрируйте программное обеспечение на веб-сайте регистрации Altiris
     по адресу http://www.altiris.com/hptc. Ссылки на программное обеспечение,
     документацию по продукту и интерактивное обучение использованию Altiris
     Deployment Server с тонким клиентом предоставляются после регистрации
     на веб-сайте Altiris.
 2. Загрузите консоль Deployment Solution.
 3. Следуйте указаниям руководства по продукту Deployment Solution компании
     Altiris для установки и настройки решения Deployment Solution на сервере.
     См. www.altiris.com/support/documentation/.

Использование бесплатной копии решения Altiris Deployment Solution регулируется лицензионным соглашением о программном обеспечении Altiris, согласие с которым подразумевается при установке программного обеспечения. Эту бесплатную копию программного обеспечения нельзя передавать другим лицам и следует использовать только для удаленного управления тонким клиентом HP Compaq t5000. Перед установкой программного обеспечения ознакомьтесь с условиями лицензионного соглашения на веб-сайте http://www.altiris.com/legal/EULA-general.asp. На данный бесплатный выпуск распространяется только поддержка версии, но она включает элементы бесплатной поддержки, указанные на веб-сайте http://www.altiris.com/Support/Online.aspx. Данный бесплатный выпуск решения Deployment Solution не включает автоматическое обновление на один год. Для решения Altiris Deployment Solution можно приобрести дополнительную поддержку. Предложения улучшенной поддержки перечислены на веб-сайте http://www.altiris.com/Support/Offerings.aspx. При необходимости приобретения обучения по продукту, служб или поддержки программного обеспечения (автоматическое обновление на один год) обратитесь к представителю компании HP. Для получения поддержки Altiris обратитесь в компанию Altiris. См. http://www.altiris.com/Support.aspx.


 Deployment Solution for Clients 6.9

Download a Deployment Server installation to manage all types of computers for a specific site. We recommend this download for evaluation. (322 MB)[10]

 Deployment Solution for Clients 6.9 Integrated Installation

Download this installation to manage Deployment Solution from the Altiris Console using the Notification Server infrastructure. This provides integrated management with other Altiris solutions. (5.6 MB Network Installer)


 Linux and Free DOS Automation Environment for Deployment Solution 6.9

This provides the Linux and FreeDOS pre-boot automation environments. Source code associated with this release is available at the following location: Linux Automation Source Code. Note: The use of the Linux and FreeDOS Automation Environment for Deployment Solution 6.9 is subject to agreement to the GNU General Public License. To read the agreement, click here.


 WinPE Automation Environments for Deployment Solution 6.9 for 32-bit (x86), 64-bit (x64) and Itanium (ia64).

These provide the WinPE pre-boot automation environments for x86, x64 and ia64 processor architectures.

View the Deployment Solution 6.9 Release Notes.

[13] [14]

[править] HP OpenView

[править] Neoware

Neoware TeemTalk host access software provides the ability to connect and communicate with applications on mainframes and midrange systems. These connections can be made from virtually any desktop running Microsoft Windows. Installed on PCs or servers running Windows Terminal Services, TeemTalk enables desktops to emulate more than 30 different green screen terminals, including IBM 3270, 5250, DEC VT, HP, Wyse and more.